Johnson Smith

Assumed Office

Born ,!!!!!!!!
Political Party non
Occupation   Army general
Languages Spoken English, , , Spanish
Spouse non
Religion  !!!!!!

Johnson Smith is a JKCOHRIAN Army general that since 13 december 2014 Runing that county of The Kingdom of JKCOHRIA with the King JK.

not much is know about Smith or King JK but what is known is that on 13 december in a video the general Smith  said 'Edit

at 12.21 on 13 December 2014 a group of people under the Leadership of i General Johnson Smith and King JK will be declareing  Independence for our County. let this be known this is the day that the JKCORIAN people will be free form foreign interest, this was the day that WE the jkcorian people can lead the world thank You.

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