Jindal, officiall the Queendom of Jindal, is a small Island nation in the Indian Ocean. It is ruled by a Queen, who governs over an elected parliament. Jindal is a member of the Holy Union, and has recently decided to join the World Assembly.


Jindal's history as a nation began in 1503, when the nations of Jinnah and Daljapor united under the leadership of Queen Sabina I. the move was motivated when the island came under the constant attack of pirates, and it was agreed that the island would have more power and security as a united nation rather than two separate states. The history of the island itself, however, goes back to prehistoric times. Under the Jindali calendar system, there are various ages, known as Yugas. When each Yuga begins and ends is determined by a council of priests, known as the Mahapanditji.

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