The Jinavian Meteorological Service is an organizational unit of the Imperial Air Force, and as such, the national meteorological service in Jinavia. The weather forecasts and other services serve both the armed forces and the general public.

Organization Edit

The Air Force MeteoService reports to a department at the General Staff of the Air Force in Saint Basilsburg. They are also responsible for planning and policy matters to promote international cooperation. The headquarters of the MeteoService is located on the military airport "Golden Wings" near the capital city. Here are the key data preparation takes place and the distribution of analysis and forecasts on military, civil aviation, maritime, civil defense and other authorities and users, as well as the mass media.

  • General Directorate Airspace and Weather Analysis - Meteo Department: Dependant on Assistan Chief of Air Forxe Staff; deals with regulation and certification of the various Meteorological Agencies. It is directly responsible of international cooperation and of improvment of the equipment.
  • Meteorological National Centre: dependant on Operational Air Forces; deals with the gathering, analysis, elaboration and diffusion of meteo data and services.
    • MeteoVigilance Unit: the department provides assistances for flying activities, both civilian and military.
    • Experimental Unit: the department has the task of experimenting the equipment and managing the special webs.

Detached and specialistic offices Edit

There are three sub offices, dependant on General Directorate, but not part of it:

  • At the Archangelsburg Military Airport, the METEOMOUNT Service, in cooperation with the Army Mountain Troops Command and the Gendarmerie Forest Command;
  • In Greenvalley Vineyard, near Saint Basilsburg, the General Logistic Department, which deals with quality assurance, certification, testing and research, mobile weather stations for military operations abroad, climatological weather observations;
  • 26 Airport Meteorological Offices, in the major airports
  • 843 manned and 1130 automatic weather stations, transmit their data back to the head quarters. In addition, there is a special meteorological department of the Ministry of Agriculture.

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