The Jeunese Army (Chinese: 陸的妍華軍) is the land force branch of the Jeunese Armed Forces.




Current deploymentsEdit

Rank structureEdit

Current equipmentEdit

Vehicle Origin Type Versions In service Notes
Type 89 Flag of Jeuna Jeuna Main battle tank Type 89, Type 89-U, Type 89-D 1,985
Type 97 Flag of Jeuna Jeuna Main battle tank Type 97-D, ZGC-06, QFZ-06 206+14 ARVs
Type 95 Flag of Jeuna Jeuna Infantry combat vehicle Type 95/1, Type 95/2, FKC-95, Type 95/A, Type 95/C 6,328
M113 Flag of the United States United States Armored personnel carrier A2/A3, other specialist variants 4,590 the Type 95 80 mm mortar carrier is indigenous but based on the M113 chassis
Type 89 SPH Flag of Jeuna Jeuna Self-propelled howitzer
HJS-03 218 mm MOTROL Flag of Jeuna Jeuna Rocket artillery platform
Type 75 Flag of Jeuna Jeuna 105 mm towed howitzer
Type 05 Flag of Jeuna Jeuna 105 mm towed howitzer
Type 81 Flag of Jeuna Jeuna 120 mm towed howitzer
DAS-9 Sparrow Flag of Isselmere-Nieland Isselmere-Nieland Attack helicopter 500
DAS-10 Cormorant Flag of Isselmere-Nieland Isselmere-Nieland Multi-purpose helicopter 10G (DAS-11 Swallow), 10C 450 DAS-11, 150 DAS-10C

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