James Usman Strider for commonly known as Colonel or President Strider is a Fansou born politician who currently serves as the first President of Ikhlaqabad. James grew up in Deracus the capital of the Fansou empire which was lead by the Sultan. It was when he joined the army and came to be of the rank of Colonel when in 2009 the country became a republic. Exactly a year later the empire was desolved on which James the Secretary of defense took over as the countries offcial leader.

James Strider

President of Ikhlaqistan
Assumed office 
23rd August 2011
Prime Minister Asif Ali Assad
Vice President(s) Bashar Khan
Preceded by Office created

General Secretary of the Labour Party of Ikhlaqistan
Assumed office 
20th November 2011
Deputy Bashar Khan
Preceded by Assad Doud

Born 19 June 1990
Deracus,Fansou Union (now Ikhlaqistan)
Nationality Fansou (1990 - 2011)

Ikhlaqian (2011 - )

Political party Labour Party
Children Ibrahim Strider
Alma mater Univercity of Deracus
Occupation Politician
Religion Sunni Islam

Early lifeEdit

James grew up in Deracus the capital of the fansou empire as a child of Jack Strider , as a citerzen James always had ambition for the country to turn into a republic and for the king to leave his post. As a key player he took part in the Deracus Massacre in 2005 which saw the end to a rebellion on which Government Loyalits whose alligence was to the Sultan killed many protestors. In 2007 aged only at 16 his intelligence was found and he was made Defense Secretary under the King.

Minister of Defense

As the defense secretary James sorted out all of ther countries affairs to do with the military, some which also included wars. As he was intelligent he was given honours and graduted early from University. When a military coup we near the Sultan sent James to the opposition town of Jisr-al- Shughour infamous for its rebelion to sort out matters. As he sat down with advisors and the town mayor at his side and the Minister of Interior he saw what was going on and was disgusted with the conditions that the Sultan and his government made them do. He resigned a day later and sent the Minister of Interior to tell the Sultan what he did.

Military coup

As preasure was on the Sultans shoulders James used all the time he had and organized a resistance. As the sultans forced were stoped by World Assembly security council forces which condemed the sultans crackdown he lead his forced right up to Enclab pallace on which he ran into the throne room and shot the Sultan in the chest. The Sultan was later expelled and sent to neighbour Macha to live in exile.

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