The Izadvine Islands (Coscivian: Izdavina Insulav) are a group of temperate, forested islands in the Exopacific Ocean.


The Izdavines are an island arc, 1,900km long. They formed as a result of converging oceanic plates, and are the tops of a mountain range thrust up by the geologic activity. The largest island is Nothopim, located slightly east of the archipelagic centre.


The islands, located amidst a temperate ocean, are very cool and moist, but the relatively high elevation of much the island's land area keeps humidity in check.


Forests cover the archipelago, made up of a mix of broadleaved trees, mainly oaks, elms, plactwoods, and Conifers. Notably, the forests are home to massive populations of poison ivy, from which their name is derived.


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