Life Planets Union statistics Edit

Government: Congressional confederacy
President: Peter Griffin,elected September 12,2009
Capital: Federal District of Baby City,United States of America
Planets: 277,900
Member Nations: 1,645,211
Army: Clone Army,and Union Special Police at with 2,788,799,411 officers total from 500,000 nations
Population(the nation Life Planets Union is the founder of this;its statistics are being listed): 14,766,593
Languages: English,Handalic,Twi'Lek and others
The Life Planets Union is a confederacy and inoffensive centrist democracy of An alternative Region,founded 1983 by Handy Handila of the planet Handilus. Well,next part.

Astrography Edit

The nation Life Planets Union is the Fedral District.The congressional confederacy is also the Life Planets Union.

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