The Imperial Posts (IP) is the state-owned postal and telecommunications agency of the Holy Empire of Jinavia. The IP-Jinavia is placed under the control of the Ministry for Postal and Telecommunication Services, in the form of a public limited company owned by the Government.

Functions Edit

The IP provides the following services throughout Jinavia:

  • IP-Post Directorate: Postal services (including philately) and telegrams
  • IP-Telecom Directorate: Telephone and Web services
  • IP-Postbank Directorate: Postal banking services (including giro and savings accounts)

The IP maintains a network based on a more community based offices rather than adminisitrative subdivisions-following structure:

  • 28 Regional, 140 Gubernatorial and 560 Provincial Directions
  • 13,835 post offices throughout the Empire, as well as 34,475 other offices and "post posts".

Organization Edit

The agency is divided into Directorates, which in turn were subdivided into Offices. Further, the IP operates the production facilities for construction of telecommunications, the state technical services for radio and television, as well as some related institutes for research, education, and learning.

The IP has its own flag - the Jinavian national flag, with the post horn in the center. The color for postal services is the traditional yellow, while telecommunications is gray. The postal uniforms are generally worn only in the postal service, while in the other services uniforms are usually displayed only for special events.

IP-Post Directorate Edit

IP-Post is organized along the following organizational structure.

  • General Office: Responsible for the new postal research strategies and policies, coordination, media and publicity, feedback, logistic issues, complaints and safety and security issues.
  • Postal Regulations Office: Responsible for the regulation of postal market and the formulation of postal laws and regulations.
  • Office of Postage Stamps: Responsible for the issue of postage vouchers and philatelic services.
  • Office of Quality Evaluation: Responsible for postal service quality.

Service fleet Edit

In addition to running a large number of road vehicles, Royal Mail uses trains, two ships and some aircraft, with an air hub at City Airport in Saint Basilsburg.

Ranks Edit

The following ranks are applied:

  • Assistants (Under Assistant, Assistant, Sensior Assistant, Chief Assistant)
  • Secretaries (Under secretary, Secretary, Senior Secretary, Chief Secretary)
  • Inspectors (Inspector, Senior Inspector, Office Director)
  • Counsellors (Counsellor, Senior Counsellor, Chief Counsellor)
  • Directors (Director, Senior Director, Chief Director)

The IP's civil servants are trained at the directorate schools - at the Postal and Telecom School "Hans Jugenburg", and at the College for Traffic Technology.

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