Valerii Seal

The Imperial Joint Chiefs of Staff (IJCS or Imperial Staff) is a committee of the senior military leaders of the Commonwealth of Valerii. The IJCS consists of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, and service chiefs of the various branches of the Royal Valeriian Defense Forces. All who serve on the Imperial Staff are appointed by current Monarch.

Current Imperial StaffEdit

Senior StaffEdit

Name Service Position
Queen Kara Valerii N/A Supreme Commander
Fleet Admiral William Adama Royal Navy Chairman of the Imperial Staff
Field Marshal James Prescott Royal Army Vice Chairman of the Imperial Staff

Chief StaffEdit

Name Service Position
General Nadal Messi Royal Army Commanding General of the Army
Admiral Armin Halsey Royal Navy Chief of Naval Operations
Chief Air Marshal Pete Mitchell Royal Air Force Commanding Marshal of the Air Force
General Norman Hooten Royal Marines Commandant of the Royal Marines
General James Bond Royal Military Intelligence Chief of Military Intelligence
Commissioner General Benjamin Sherman Royal Military Constabulary Commissioner General of the Constabulary

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