The Imperial Civil War was a conflict that raged from February 17, 1917 to June 23, 1932 in the nation of Qụền Minh. The conflict was fought between the Imperial regime and the Liberationist war front called the Qụền Tự (full name: War Front for the Freedom of the Qụền People).

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Background Edit

Repressive Regime of the Late-Trieu Dynasty Edit

Qụền Minh, from the late 1880s to the early twentieth-century, has been in a period of social and economic decadence ever since the later emperors of the Trieu Dynasty have ascended and rule from their thrones. Cam Trang,

Early Rebellions Edit

Insurgency of the Qụền TựEdit

Formation Edit

The founding of the Qụền Tự can be traced back to the later months of 1915 when Imperial troops already occupied the city of Cong Ha - it is located in the province of Phong Le. Prior to the occupation, a riot broke out in the city's

Great Imperial Offensive Edit

Insurgent Counter-Offensive Edit

Imperial Resistance Edit

Assassination of Nghiêm Khúc Quý Edit

Thien Dai Offensive Edit


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