جمهورية إيخلاقيستان
Ikhlaqistan Federation
Ikhlaqistan 890190
To be, to exist & to succeed
March of Unity
Official languages Arabic


Demonym Ikhlaqistani
Membership World Assembly
Government Parliamentary Democracy
 -  President James Ikhlaq
 -  Vice President Bashar Khan
 -  Prime Minister Asif Ali Assad
 -  Chief Justice Mousa Moud
EstablishmentNov 20 2011
 -  2011 from Ikhlaqabad  
 -   estimate 90 
 -   census 80 
Currency Islaq (NBT 7865)

The Ikhlaqistan Federation Arabic: جمهورية إيخلاقيستان (more commonly known as Ikhlaqistan) Is a Sovereign State located in 10000 Islands The country is located. The country is as single island which borders South Ikhlaqistan.

The region on which the country stands was previously used in earlier eras as empires & one Republic such as the Fansou (782AD-1990), Fansou Republic (1990-1991), the Wanhen Empire (756ad - 782) & Ikhlaqabad (2011) and has ever since the dissolution of the Fansou Republic has been succeded by Ikhlaqabad and then by Ikhlaqistan.

Ikhlaqistan is a Islamic state consisting of ten provinces and a population estimated towards 100 million. Since its foundation the country has suffered civil wars country partions and conflicts with neighbouring countries such as South Ikhlaqistan which is 50% occupied. The country is in possession of nuclear weapons and has a majority of a Muslim population, it is a member of the World Assembly and has a huge armed forces normally dominated by its large air force the Ikhlaqistan Air Force (IAF). The country is in current conflict with El Salvador, although no war has broken out due to the fact that Ikhlaqistan views El Salvador as more of a "nuisance" and has rallied on its allied nations to its side which keeps El Salvador at bay.


Ikhlaqistan means the land of the Ikhlaqs a medevial royal family which had shown the most compassion towards the Fansou Empire. It has latley been discovered that the family is related to the current President James Ikhlaq.


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During the years Ikhlaqistan has been engaged in an number of conflicts:

October coupEdit

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South IkhlaqistanEdit

The territory once became independent from Ikhlaqistan, and renamed itself the Republic of South Ikhlaqistan. The Ikhlaqistan Federation however regained the territory and has divided all provinces what once was South Ikhlaqistan

The El Salvador NusianceEdit

A few months after the establishment of Ikhlaqistan. The government was threatened from the rogue nation of El Salvador. Described as a dangerously hostile and isolated nation, Ikhlaqistan often contemplated why all of a sudden the Dictator of El Salvador has been wanting to have an engaged conflict. President Ikhlaq has told a conference at the Damaxton Palace that "El Salvador is a pest, all we need is a swatter, to be quite frank we don't even take notice of the rogue nation, our allies are strong so the pest will be kept away".


Ikhlaqistan is a member of the World Assembly. It is also an ally of TITO Ten Thousand Islands Treaty Organization a group which liberates states from other rogue nations.

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