The Ikhlaqabad navy is a part of Ikhlaqabads armed forces which are instructed to protect its borders from threats from other nations. The navy is known to take part in foreign military operations and can be hired by other countries to do operations and special operations for them.

Ikhlaqabad Navy
Founded 2011 - present
Country Ikhlaqabad
Allegiance Ikhlaqabad
Branch Armed forces of Ikhlaqabad
Type Navy
Size 335,000 regulars

128,000 reserve

Motto "Protect the borders on which I have vowed to do so"
Colors Blue, green
Engagements Battle of South Ikhlaqabad

Ikhlaqabad Civil War

No Fly Zone of Mache

First Admiral Mousa Suliman
Ceremonial chief Second Admiral James Stuart
Colonel of
the Regiment
Vice Admiral Javed Jakub
Naval flag.gif

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