Home legion

ulathar legiari  

Motto: No glory without honour

Ne arads teratha derkara


logo of the Legion

Leader: High Commander Velal
Strength: 250,346 troops 

11,385 agents 

Headquaters: Central command, London
budget: £281,697,300

The Home legion is the secret police of The Commonwealth of Rodarion. It was set up by the Prime minister of the Commonwealth of Rodarion to keep the peace in the country.

However some believe it is used by the government to maintain full control over the Commonwealth. And it is used to arrest any deemed enemy of the state or breaker of the unity. 

It only answers to the Home secretry, Minister of Justice and in times of war the Minister of Defence. And of course the Prime minister 24/7.

High commander Velal is the current leader of the Legion. He was personally picked by the Prime minister due to his excellent record during the civil war. He is however highly aggressive and easierly stressed and sometimes even been called a psycopathic sadist. There has been a few rumours of torture sessions and experiments on different types of techniques.

he is also the 2nd youngest man in the government. aged 34.

The strength of the Home Legion is aroud 261,731 in total, this is extreamly large for a non militry organization.

The troops are trained for 3 years in total and are given the most advanced weaponry avilibable to the Commonwealth.

many weapons include the Auger 221 assault rifle, RPI 2 launcher and the reaper sniper rifle.

The agents are trained for 5 years and are given regular psycological training sessions. They are tasked with mixing with the population then identifing the enemies within, they will then follow them and report the suspects to the troops who will then arrest them.

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