Hirohitan Script
Shōwa no Nippon no Shinseina Teikoku
The Holy Hirohitan Empire of Japan
Hirohitan flag
Hirohitan seal
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem: "スキャットマンの美しい日本帝国の世界、スキャットマンジョン"
(Pronounced: Sukyattoman no utsukushii Nippon teikoku no sekai, sukyattomanjon)
( Scatman's Beautiful Imperial Japanese world, by Scatman John )
Motto: ぽゞうきぶツィ
(Pronounced: Pooki Booty)

Hirohitan Shogunate 2055 A D

Capital Tokyo Municipal Autonomous City State
Largest City Tokyo Metropolis
Demonym Hirohitan
Official language Hirohitan (ヒロひとの言語)
Official religion Sungodubukakkeshinjitsu
Ethnic Groups Japanese 53%
Indonesians 22%
Filipinos 13%
Russians 4%
Koreans 3%
Other 5%
Government Imperial Monarchy
- Emperor Yoshi Sagawa-Bill Turner-Toshiba Scatman John tsukai of Tokyo-Montezuma-Hitler- Chavez II of Caracas-Shinjuku-Saito-Toyoda-Hirohito II
- National Formation January 3, 1868
- Total 2,815,373 km2 (1,843,764.1 sq mi)
- Water (%) 5.6
- Population 640,521,654
- Density 11,432 /km²
5,642 /sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2295 estimate
- Total $1.495 quadrillion (PPP)
- Per capita $368,643 (PPP)
GDP (Nominal) 2163 estimate
- Total $1.997 quadrillion (nominal)
- Per capita $410,643 (nominal)
Gini (2163) Green Arrow Up Darker 99.9 (High)
HDI (2163) Green Arrow Up Darker 0.997 (Very High)
Currency Hirohitan Yen
Time zone Hirohitan Standard Time Zone (UTC+?)
- Summer (DST) not observed (UTC+?)
Internet TLD .HEJ
Calling code +01


Hirohito's super magical happy fun time judicial prisoner execution confirmation hearing dance party Edit


Emperor Hirohito taking part in the ritual dance preceding the execution ceremony of the 2053 Hirohito's super magical happy fun time judicial prisoner execution confirmation hearing dance party.

Hirohito's super magical happy fun time judicial prisoner execution confirmation hearing dance party, (Japanese:昭和の超魔法の幸せ楽しい時間を司法囚人の実行人事聴聞会のダンスパーティー), (Romanized:Shōwa no chō mahō no shiawase tanoshii jikan o shihō shūjin no jikkō jinji chōmon-kai no dansupātī) is an annual ceremony held at the Tokyo Municipal City Hall bulding by the Hirohitan royal family. It is the most significant holiday in the Hirohitan culture. After prolonged cultural exchange with the Aztecs the Japanese absorbed the Aztec Xiyukohatl religion (𪚥讟), the most globally dominant religion in the world. Political prisoners are taken to the top of the Tokyo Municipal City Hall building and executed in sacrifice to the sun god, Sungodubukkakeshinjitsu. The difference between this ceremony and the original Aztec ceremony are that it is based upon differs only in the selection of sacrifices. In the Aztek empire, prisoners of war are generally used as sacrifice to the Aztek sun god Xiyukohal, however in the Hirohitan Xiyukohal faith, Sungodubukakkeshinjitsuism low level criminals are used, mostly white collar criminals such as businessmen accused of tax evasion as businessmen are considered the lowest class of Hirohitan society. The executions are filmed live and last from sunrise to sunset on the first day of each year, with roughly 20,000 executed by 100 specially ordained Samurai priests called Butufukkashingetsuii.

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