Though not officially recognized as a village with a Kage, the leader of the Hidden Dragon Village, all them being the eldest male of the Ryu Clan, is known as the Ryukage or Dragon Shadow.

Force CompositionEdit

Currently, the Hidden Dragon Village bears a large number of Chunin, larger than normal for a village the size of Ryugakure no Sato.

  • Genin: 10,863,000
  • Chunin: 21,726,000
  • Jonin: 3,621,000


Currently, there are 5 major clans in the village, though hopes of obtaining new ones through political marriages with the Hidden Leaf and Hiding in Sand villages are still alive.

Ryu ClanEdit

The Ryu Clan is the most powerful family in the Hidden Dragon Village, and one of the most influential families in The American Privateer in general. They bear a rare two Kekki Genki, both of which revolve around the dragons that gave them their name.

  • Ryu Henge no Jutsu: This jutsu allows the wielder to become a Dragon, with each form differentiating based on the wielder. Most of them choose Eastern Style dragons, though a minority choose western forms.
  • Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Ryu: this jutsu is used to summon dragons, up to the ability to summon the five Dragon stars, wach of which are tied to a different member of the council.
Ryuunosuke has bound Yosei, the Morning Star
Ryusama has bound Keiga, the Tide Star
Ryusasara has bound Ryuse, the Falling Star
Ryusalania has bound Jugan, the Rising Star
Ryusaldina has bound Kukoshu, the Evening Star

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