The Hades Ring is the first thing any visitor to The American Privateer will see. It is home to the 2nd Fleet, and the vast majority of the Mobile Infantry. All civilian tourists are shipped over to New Ellis Island for a quick health inspection and a checking of their visas before being sent on to find the ship to their next means of transport to the rest of the system.

At the center of the Hades Ring is the Gate. Big enough for a Venator Class Star Destroyer to come through, it is permanently open with a Two-Way wormhole to the Entrance Ring, making it the only way in or out.

Due to this nature, the Hades Ring is the most heavily defended installation in the Cluster, and possibly in the Large Magellanic Cloud.

500 Golan III SpaceDefense Nova Guns orbit over the Ring itself, their guns pointed inwards towards the Gate.

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