Code H-23 is Chazaka's top military code currently used to send the highest security messages between high ranking civilian and military personal.

History Edit

First developed in 1963 during the height of the communist revolt/civil war in Chazaka, by combing two languages native to the Amazonian regions of Chazaka. It was created by communists forces to communicate through unsecured lines, due to it few native speakers the code was unbroken throughout the war. After the war, several code speakers where captured and released the information required to set up H-23. So far the code has withstood the test of time, due to the low number of native speakers of the two languages that comprise H-23 (132 and 219) and the low numbers of people that know the full extent of H-23 is 40, Nyx Darkrider(the Current leader for life) and his top advisers know it so do the top levels of the Chazakain Military Forces. All Special Forces Squads also have at least one member that knows at least a basic level of H-23

Note to godmoders/idiots: The native speakers that comprise of H-23 are an isolated bunch but each group has at least one plant that reports on the natives and any foreign visitor. The 40 ranking members that know the H-23 are tightly protected and watched for any signs of betrayal. With only the current standing president, vice-president and highest ranking military general are the only ones allowed to know the full h-23 code. and each of those jobs are life long once picked/elected.

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