The United Socialist States of Greto Edit

The United Socialist States of Greto or Greto for short is a nation.Greto is part of the WA and the AFS.The nation has had a bloody history and it was involved in the war on terror and is still attacking terriost organizations.Another war the nation had was the war it had between with Henza and ultimately won the war after Henza lost Yonkers.The war showed the strength and lengths the nation would go to in a war.The nation was then in a Cold war with Henza and almost launched a full scale invasion of Henza when they broadcast to the world the execution of Greto nationals.Greto did not because of the threat of Nuclear war.Greto also has armed the military with the best weapons available and has researched ways to make space weapons.Citizens can not own weapons in Greto after the St.Pauls massacre.Which resulted in the deaths of 45 and injury of 87 after a man armed with an assault rifle,sniper rifle,shot gun,grenades and other explosives and a rpg killed police officers in a local police station killing most of the officers then went and entered a school and said that if anyone would enter he would blow it up after 10 days of no negotiation a SWAT team tried to enter the school the man blew the school up killing 32 children and teachers and the SWAT team that was trying to enter the rest were taken to a hospital in critical conditition and the assailant died.The government soon outlawed citizens owning guns in fear of another massacre.The economy of Greto is stable even in the midst of a world economic meltdwon and most of the tax payer's money goes to the military to improve defense systems purchase new weapons,new vehicles,new aircraft,new naval ships,and develop new weapons.Entertainment in Greto includes tv,movies,music,and many other things.Every year the country hosts a festival called Carnival it is free to enter and do anything you want.The most major sport is baseball.The country has a great police force,the emergency services are all under government control.

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