Prime Minister
Gregory Bishop

2nd Prime Minister of Zinaire
Assumed Office
19 January, 2003
Preceded By Harry Langley

Born 11 August, 1961
Birmingham, England
Political Party Zinairian Liberal Party
Occupation Diplomat, Politician
Languages Spoken English, French, German, Spanish
Spouse Kristin Bishop
Religion Atheist

Gregory Bishop (born 11 August, 1961) is the second prime minister of Zinaire since the nation's independence from Germonia. He took power on 19 January, 2003 succeeding Harry Langley. He began his second five-year term on 19 January, 2008. Prime Minister Bishop is a member of the Zinairian Liberal Party. He served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs under Prime Minister Langely before becoming prime minister himself.

Early LifeEdit

Prime Minister Bishop was born in Birmingham, England on 11 August, 1961. In 1970 he moved to Zinaire with his parents Lewis and Martha Bishop. His father, a lawyer, soon became involved both in the puppet parliament and in the guerrilla resistance.

In in 1973 the Bishop house was raided by Germonian secret police. However, having been warned by a spy in the Germonian government, the family had already fled to nearby Cuba.

Life in Cuba and EnglandEdit

The Bishop family moved to Havana where Lewis was unable to find work as a lawyer and became a factory worker. Martha, a nurse, worked as well, leaving Gregory, twelve at the time, to fend for himself.

In 1979 Gregory moved back to England by himself. While he was there he met Kristen Faye, a university student. They fell in love and, in 1985, when Gregory returned to Cuba to be with his sick father, Kristen went with him as his fiancée.

Although Lewis Bishop died of pneumonia on 29 November, 1985, Gregory and Kristin remained in Cuba. They married on March 6, 1986 and Gregory was finally able to go to college, becoming a world history major at the University of Havana.

Return to ZinaireEdit

On 23 January, 1993, less than a week after Zinaire became independent, Gregory returned to Zinaire with his wife and his widowed mother.

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