Greater Slavic Communist Empire
File:Greater slavic communist empire 684074.png
Established September 12, 1945
Population 58,230,000 (2008)
Government Stalinist Autocracy
Leader's General Zharkov

Under Construction


The United Socialist States of Greater Slavic Communist Empire was originally part of a state. The state made Christianity illegal in most parts of the country. Eventually, A rebellion started and the royal family was executed. The laws were purged and General Zharkov took leadership. Several border wars were fought after this. By 2007, It had attempted to join The Chernobyl Union. Admittance was accepted in 2011 after several disputes.




Bill #1001Edit

The Workers & Peasants Red ArmyEdit

The Black Star GuardsEdit

The Revolutionary Air ForceEdit

The Red NavyEdit


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