The Nation of Gray Army started out like any other, breaking bonds from more powerful nations to create it's own, but unlike others, Gray Army is full of internal strife, aswell as external enemies who would like nothing more then to see the destruction of the Gray Army, while the Imperial Government of Gray Army has made several astounding advancements in science, leading to the discovery of life on other worlds, and even other galaxies! this discovery that we are not alone made the Imperial Government decide that we must be friends, not eneies of these highly advanced races.

The Government of Gray Army has gone under numerous changes in the recent centuries upon discovery of the Imperium, though the government has become more stable with help from this vast Intersteller empire, though the Government still is instable.

Also, thanks to the incredible advancement of the Imperium, Gray Army has benefitted from it's immense technology becoming a world power with it's immense military might, cloning has been made possible...

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