A map of Danatha and it's provincial districts.


Danatha was formed through a long period of unrest through a feudal system. Its government was created by the House of Trabon. The House of Trabon reigned for a 104 years during the period known as the Kingdom Age. The Trabons' reign ended after the scandalous resignation of King Philip IV. The House of Rikon stepped up and reformed the government. The first monarch was Grand Duke Carus Rikon, and turned the government around. He created the Parliament of Danatha.


Quench Royal Palace

Executive Branch

The monarch is the Head of State. The monarch lives in Quench Royal Palace. The Advisory Board advises the monarch on any matter. The departments are:

  1. Diplomacy
  2. Education
  3. Defense
  4. Treasury
  5. Energy
  6. Law
  7. Labor

He may issue executive orders such as, but not limited to:

  • Commanding the military
  • Changing the national budget
  • Serving as the WA Delegate or appointing one
  • Appointing officials to his/her Advisory Board
  • Vetoing bills of Congress
  • Appointing Court Members.

Legislative Branch

The Parliament of Danatha is the legislative and judicial body of Danatha. They may pass bills and declare war.


The Congress Building and Court Building.

Photo Gallery

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