The Global Initiative for Peacekeeping Operations and National Stability (GIPONS) is an international security force like the UN Peacekeeping Forces. It was founded in 1987 by the United Federation of Arthia, the Kingdom of Anathema, the United Confederacy of Therecefal, the Republic of Tetha, and Sadakhstan. GIPONS' official authority is in Embry City, UCT and is comprised of over 20,000 allied troops. During the First Southeastern War, the UCT and Arthia sent forces under GIPONS authority to assist in the ousting of Asinian forces invading its neighbor New Andelus. GINOPS forces then went on to enforce the lawless and war-torn islands of South Vecento in the Southern Sea. The High Authority of GIPONS is the Director of Defense from the UN-like Global Assembly. Plans for the reorganization of GIPONS into the Global Armed Forces Directorate is underway for 2016.

Military Forces

  • GIPONS Ground Forces: the GIPONSGF is compromised of soldiers from dozens of nations. 
  • GIPONS Sea Forces: consists of a few battleships and support vessels which assist GINOPS forces.
  • GIPONS Air Forces: consists of air forces of dozens of nations assisting in air patrols and grouns support.  

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