The Holy Genesian Catholic ChurchEdit

The Genesian Catholic Church is the main Catholic Church in the Nationstates World Regions, and is based in Genesis City, Catholic Europe. It is one of the influnetial religions in the world, and controls the alliance known as the Holy League. The Church's teachings are similar to the 16th Century Catholic Church.


The Genesian Catholic Church did not evolve much from its 16th Century counterpart. Pope Jamie I founded the nation of Catholic Europe, which encompasses much of Europe and the Middle East, and the Papacy has ruled there ever since. The Vatican was moved from Rome to Genesis a few years after the bombing of Genesis City as a show of hope towards the city.

The Church has survived a war of the Papacy, a reformation, a war against many a nation, and a schism. It has gone through 40+ Popes and has lasted hundreds of years.

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