FAFL 10 (Forgotten Americans Football Leauge 2010)

Game Screenshot:[img][/img]

Genre: Sports

Description: Play as any of the 40 FAFL teams! Be ready for simple gameplay, out-of-this world graphics! And fun for hours.


Gameplay: 8

Graphics: 10

Replayability: 4

Multiplayer: 3

Complexity: 2

Recomeded Retail Price- $ 65.00

[b]Future War: 2020 [/b]

Game Screenshot: [img][/img]

Description: Fight in the troubled earth in the year 2020! Play as a General in the WAMF, the WA's peacekeeping force. Or become an FAW general , the FAW is an evil Fascist force bent on ruling the world!

Genre: Strategy


Gameplay: 7

Graphics: 4

Replayability: 2

Multiplayer: 3

Complexity: 8

Recomended Retail Price- $55.00

Producer: Seculartopian Research Labs, Virtual Reality Department

Publisher: Seculartopian Media, Inc.

Name of game:Virtual Societies

Game Image:[img][/img]

In this game, players have the option of creating huge superpower nations, or lowly principalities. With a real-time GDP and Economic tracker, as well as a user-content sharing webserver,This game puts the user in control of their nation.

In Expert Mode, Players can define parameters of the economy,government and population.

Depending on resources, Different Companies can trade their goods with others online. The user can create their national companies, and include as many resources as they want, promoting trade!

Gameplay: 9

Graphics: 8

Replayability: 4

Multiplayer: 2 in Competition Mode

Complexity: 3

Recomended Vendor Price- $49

Producer: DimWim Ltd.

Publisher: DimWim Ltd.

Name of game: Bite

Game Image:


This game is essentially a simulation involving a giant yellow circle going homicidal and killing half the world's population. As the controlling player, the aim of the game is to try and withstand the annoying, repetitive music and gameplay for the six hours the game lasts.

Gameplay: 2

Graphics: 0.5

Replayability: 0

Multiplayer: None

Complexity: 1

Recomended Vendor Price- $1.25

Producer: Montana Virtual

Publisher: Grittonian Cheap@$$ Publish inc.

Name of game: Naughty Snapshot

Game Image: [img][/img]

In this game, players have the option of creating naughty spanshots of good looking chicks but also of fat women. With a real-time Timebar and Danger monitor, as well as a user-content sharing server. This game puts the pervert (the user) in control of their pictures and fantasies.

In multiplayer mode you can even go together with for example your whole schoolclass and make Naughty snapshots together!

Gameplay: 8

Graphics: 7.5

Replayability: 8

Multiplayer: 15 players possible.

Complexity: 5

Recomended Vendor Price- $39.95


Game Screenshot: [img][/img]

[b]Description:[/b] Play as famed pitchmen such as Billy Mays or Anthony "Sully" Sullivan in [i]Career[/i] mode as you learn the skills of "pitching" and pitch and sell your way to pitchman stardom! Start out small, with fruit stands and such, and work your way up to big time jobs like infomercials and TV shows! In [i]Multiplayer[/i] mode, play with friends and family as you compete to decide who can sell the most products, yell the loudest, and convince the crowd the most! ***Completing [i]Career[/i] mode on various difficulties to unlock different [u]characters[/u] such as: [i]Vince "Offer" Shlomi, Billy Mays III, Arnold Morris, Sandy Mason, Lester Morris, Wally Nash,[/i] and [u]products to sell[/u] such as: [i]"ShamWow!", "Slap Chop", "Oxi-Clean", "Orange Glo", and "Kaboom."


[b]Genre:[/b] Strategy

[b]Gameplay:[/b] 8


[b]Replayability:[/b] 7

[b]Multiplayer:[/b] 9

[b]Complexity:[/b] 6

Recomended Retail Price- $ 60.00

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