Spoken in: West Ponente (Gallisia)
Total speakers: c. 10,000


Official status
Official language of: West ponente Gallisia
Regulated by: None
Language codes
ISO 639-1: gi
ISO 639-2: gal

Gallian (Gallian: Gallais) is native language of the Gallians, a people formerly living in the Kingdom of Gallia. It is a Romance Language, and also one of the Oïl languages that nearly became extinct due to the Gallian Genocide. It continues to be spoken in the isolated province of Gallisia in West Ponente. As of January 2008 the language has around 10,000 remaining speakers.


Gallian is an official provincial language of Gallisia, but there is a clear Isogloss at the provincial border. The local government is very supportive of the promotion of the language, both in Gallisia and the rest of West Ponente, and now bilingual signs in French and Gallian can be found the provincial capital of Arçelle (Gallian: Armos).


Gallian phonology is the same as French


The dialects of Gallian can be split into three groupings: Çadeau (Gallais Çadeuais) , spoken mostly in northern and western Gallia, Malonais (Gallais Malonais) formerly spoken in southern and eastern Gallia, and Léiunière Gallian (Gallais Léiunais) spoken mostly in the cities especially the former Gallian capital, Calonétaur (Aschenhyrst English: Clontarf).

To the outside ear the dialects are fairly unintelligeble. Major differences between them are: the Léiunière dialect is has much shorter vowels and is less drawn out than other two, less urbanized dialects. The Malonais dialect tends to raise its vowel sounds and finally the Çadeau dialect tends to revert to more archaic versions of Gallian words. All three are in all other respects the same.

In recent times, the most spoken dialect is Çadeau at approximately 5,000 speakers, followed by Léiunière at 3,000 and finally Malonais at around only 2,000.

Sample TextEdit

The Our Father in Gallian:

Noçre Pére, qui est aut éseux,
que tou nom sait sacrrégnéée,
que tou régné viette,
que ta voulutaté sait finitait
sun la monde coulle au éseut.

Darez-nos cejour noçre pàne de cotie
et Perdonne-nos noçre pêcheux,
à noue comme qui pêchent contré nos
et ne duchon-nos pas in à la tempas,
mâit deléver-nos de asche,

pour le régné, la potens, et la galoré sons à toi
aut evre, des evres. Amén.


Min domenii

Acadême Royale building circa 1898

The Gallian language was formerly regulated by the Acadême Royale de Gallais officially established by King Nouin VII in 1645, in order to standardize the Gallian Language. It was the premier learning body on matters of the Gallian Language from that time on until its suspension in 1901 during the Toopoxican Conquest and subsequent destruction in 1979, when the building was destroyed by Aschen troops.

For over 100 years the language was left in limbo. It was in the mean time slowly being replaced by a language spoken by the Toopoxican elite, also called "Gallian", but now known as Toopoxo-Gallic. This dialect of Gallian is now extinct.

Recently an attempt is being made to restore the Academy and once again start publishing lexicons of the language.

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