The military of the Freethinker Commonwealth is the Freethinker Royal Armed Forces, established in 1885 at the outset of Freethinker independence. Because the country is considered multitech, it's armed forces have to undertake a wider variety of roles than most other nations, and as such tend to rely on smaller numbers of elite units rather than larger, more general-purpose formations.

The Freethinker Royal Armed Forces are generally considered to be mainly a volunteer force, although many minor non-combat roles in some of the services are taken up by citizens completing their National Service. High fitness requirements mean almost all of the frontline infantry and marine units are ghouls rather than humans.

Military Branches:

  • Army (Freethinker Royal Army, Freethinker Ground Defence Force, Royal Militia Corp, Crown Free Legions)
  • Navy (Freethinker Royal Navy, Freethinker Royal Marines, Freethinker Coastguard)
  • Air Force (Freethinker Royal Air Force, Freethinker Air Defence Militia)
  • Space Command (Freethinker Royal Spaceborne Navy, Freethinker Royal Space Marines, Freethinker Orbital Defence System)
  • Intelligence Agencies (Commonwealth National Intelligence Organisation)

Military Manpower:

  • Age for Service: Humans: 16 years+, Ghouls: 16 Years+
  • Active Military Personnel: ~40,000,000 (male and female, human/ghoul)
  • Available Military Personnel: ~5,200,000,000 (male and female, human/ghoul; able-bodied and of military age)
  • Military Trained Manpower: ~4,800,000,000(male and female, human/ghoul; compulsory National Service in military setting)



Air ForceEdit

Space CommandEdit

Intelligence AgenciesEdit


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