Fourth Aldinainian Civil War
Date 10th June, 1977-March 27th, 2004
Location Aldinainia, Sankara, Perainica, Desparato, Symphonicus (Until December 1st, 1986)
Result Aldinainian Government Victory (claimed)

Expulsion of the Monarchy into perpetual exile

Treaty of Dumas (2004)

Creation of the Free Land of Aldinainia

Aldinainia: Aldinainian National Army

Desparato: Aldiainian National Army Desparato

Desparatan Defense League

National League for the Liberation of Aldinainia

Royalists: House of Cai, Monarchist Party, Aldinainian Royal Army

People's Republic of Calatasia: Calatasia Independence Movement

Nationalists: Aldinainian Nationalist Movement

Republicans: People for the Liberation of Aldinainia

Coalition of Peace and Safety: Sankara; Holy Sankaran Army

Perainica; Perainican Army Symphonicus: Symphonican Defense Force (until December 1st, 1986) Dimundia; Dimundian Protection Army Carr; Army of Carr

Jusesta Aranco

Sibelian Kartante

Creasla Harmonica

Uthae Sembilca

King Carolinga XXI

Fidor Descar

This is a work in progress. More updates to come.

The Fourth Aldinainian Civil War, or known as the Final War, was a multi party fought within the Aldinainian Archipelago between the Aldinainian National Army and the National League for the Liberation of Aldinainia, the coalition alliance of anti military government, nationalist, republican, and royalist forces. The war became so deadly that it spread to the rest of the Aldinainian Islands and even Indochina, therefore requiring the Intervention of the Coalition of Peace and Safety, a United Nations approved military force composed of Sankara, Symphonicus (Until December 1st, 1986), Perainica, Dimurdia, and Carr. The Army of The North eventually made there way to the city of Aldinainia de la Mer, an exclave to Aldinainia, surrounded by the People's Republic of Calatasia, but is nestled between the huge Calatasian Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, with Aldinainia's second largest population secured, but vulnerable for attack by sea. The Army of the North eventually reached the city and prepared for fighting on the opposite side of the mountains against the rebellious Calatasians. The war lasted for almost thirty years and claimed the lives of billions of Aldinainians, Calatasians, Sankarans, Symphonicans, and many others. This prompted the government to form an emergency government to repopulate Aldinainia. This was deemed the most brutal civil war in history.

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