The White Cliff Stadium is a football stadium in Snowspire, Sorthern Northland.


The Fort Boston Martyrs Stadium was built before World Cup 39 qualifying after the Football Association of Sorthern Northland (FASN), decided that Snowspire would be one of the cities to host World Cup qualifying games. The stadium has a capacity of just under 80,000. It has just three stands, all of them with standing only. One end of the stadium is dominated by a two-hundred metre high snow and ice covered cliff. Due to the danger of snow and ice falling, their is no room to safely build a stand at this end of the stadium. The end of the pitch is set back some fifty metres from the cliff to allow for snow and ice fall. There is also a deep, electrically heated channel at the bottom of the cliff to allow fallen snow and ice to melt and flow away.

It is believed the stadium's location was chosen due to the hostile environment it is in. The local area has very few days a year where the temperature is above zero, and the Sorthern Northland players often spend up to a month in the area acclimatising to the environment, whilst opposition teams don't have this advantage.

Naming ControversyEdit

The stadium was originally named in honour of the communist rebels responsible for the assassination of Bostopia's former leader Emperor Boston. Rumours then circulated that the FASN in an ill advised piece of diplomacy invited the Bostopian national team to play in the stadiums opening match. After several large protests over the stadiums name the FASN eventually decided to rename it the White Cliff Stadium.

A typical summers day in Snowspire. Visiting fans and players please note it is advisable to stay away from the sword wielding nutter.

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