The Football kit contains images for use with football club infoboxes. The kit is copied from the english Wikipedias Football club infobox. It is also implemented on the norwegian, swedish and italian Wikipedia.

For custom templates, check - Per immagini personalizzate per le squadre, controlla:


Template:En Template:It Template:Pt

Shirt layouts - Stili di canottiera - Layouts de camisetasEdit

Template:En Template:It Template:Pt

Vertical stripes - Strisce verticali - Listras verticaisEdit

Vertical band - Bande verticali - Faixa verticalEdit

Horizontal stripes and hoops - Strisce e bande orizzontali - Listras e faixas horizontaisEdit

Halves, squares and checks - Metà, scacchi e quadri - Metades, quadrados e quadriculadosEdit

Bows & Arcs - ArcosEdit

Diagonal - DiagonaliEdit

Shoulders - Spalline - OmbrosEdit

Sides - LadosEdit

Other patterns - Altri motiviEdit

Sleeves - ManicheEdit

Right - DestreEdit

Left - SinistreEdit


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