Flag of the Silver Imperium

The Flag of the Silver Imperium is the flag used to represent the Imperium. It has a truly unique design, and has widespread use throughout the Empire.


The flag follows a defaced triband design, conisting of two medium-shade green panels flanking the sides, and a white band in the centre, defaced by a Celtic emblem.


The symbolism of the Silver flag is largely intentional, rather than culturally attributed.

  • The two green panels stand for the two Dominions: Pictavia and Kiravia. The green colour represents the environmental devotion of both nations.
  • The central white band represents purity, and the union between both Dominions
  • The central emblem represents a shared Celtic culture, as well as a general allegory for other similarities between both nations.


The Triband is officially the civil, state, and war flag of the Imperium, as well as its war ensign. Other than on military ships, the flag has limited use at sea, and many ships continue to fly the Kiravian Teal Ensign, or the Pictish flag.

Due to its recent implementation, and the high cultural retention of both Dominions, the flag's use in everyday life is still minimal, yet noticeable. Many Kiravians in urban areas have adopted the flag alongside that of the SI.

The flag is flown outside of the Secriat of State and Secriat of Commerce buildings in Kartika. Prime Minister Evergreen notably refused to have the Imperial Star retired from Krovenirene Palace, saying that, as the Emperor's residence, the palace should be kept "Purely Kiravian, out of reverence".(Despite this remark, Evergreen has been an avid supporter of unification).

Colonial CantonsEdit

As per European and Kiravian tradition, the flags of colonies often include the metropolitan flag in the canton. After the flag was adopted, it was speculated wheather or not the newly formed colonies of Karesta and Austramerica would include the Imperium flag.

The Imperial Academy's vexillogy scholars stated their opinion as:

"As was seen with the French yellow ensign of Indochina, and civil ensigns of Pakistani air ensign, among other designs, the vertical tircolour or triband is greatly unaesthetic and incompatible with a colonial canton"

Though the flags for both colonies are still being considered, most of the proposed designs include the flag of the Kiravian Empire in the canton, reflecting Kiravian administation and demography.

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