Flag of Neo-Erusea.

The flag of Neo-Erusea is a red flag with five congruent concave pentagons that resemble a regular decagon with a regular pentagon inside it. Inside the pentagon are seven white stars that are arranged in a hexagon form. The flag uses a 3:5 ratio.


In the flag of Neo-Erusea the banner is divided into three horizontal stripes.The red stripe on top represents the blood shed by Eruseans for the Fatherland, white signifies the purity of the Fatherland, and black represents the darkness of the history of the nation, which is below everything else. The five concave pentagons symbolize the five original provinces, and in the pentagon in the center each star represents a province that is currently existing in Neo-Erusea.


The flag of Erusea is commonly used by agencies of the Erusean government. Police, the military, and anything else related to the government of Erusea can be seen flying the flag. The flag is also used on ships registered in Erusea. The flag is also commonly used by private companies and individual citizens displaying Erusean patriotism for all to see.

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