Flag of Adygea

FIAV 111110 Flag of Adygea. The aspect ratio of 1:2 is set by Constitutional Law.

Naval Ensign of Adygea

FIAV 000001 Naval Ensign

The flag of Adygea was adopted on March 19, 1992, inducted into official status by the republic's constitution after five centuries of disuse. The flag serves as a national flag, and civil and state ensign.

It is a St. George's Cross with four other crosses, outlined in gold (notably breaking the rule of tincture). Overall, the flag's ratio is 1:2, similar to the 1991-1993 Russian flag and of the 'Romanov flag' of the Russian Empire. The flag's history dates back to the Adygean King Khevard Sharatze, who used it during his reign in the Kingdom of Adygea.

Adyghe SSR Edit

Flag of Adyghe SSR 1951-1990

Flag of the Adyghe SSR, 1951-1990

The flag of the Adyghe SSR was as shown on the left, from 1951 to Adygea's declaration of independence in 1990.