Die Verbluffen Kolonie von Fetharmia
The Verbluffen Colony of Fetharmia
Fetharmia FetharmiaCoat
Forgive enemies, but never forget their names.
Für die Verbluffen Reich
Recognised regional languages German
Ethnic groups (2013) 50% Verbluffen
50% Fetharmian
Demonym Fetharmian
Government Colony
 -  Führer Wolfgang Kortzfleisch
 -  Military Governor Generalfieldmarschall Heinrich Krüp
Becoming Colony of Verbluffen
 -  Declared 15th November 1940 CE 
 -  Recognized 20th November 1940 CE 
 -  Current Constitution 23rd December 1941 CE 
 -  Water (%) 25%
 -  2012 estimate 72,147,148 (14th)
 -  2013 census 72,147,148 
GDP (PPP) 2012 estimate
 -  Total $574,714,695,328,9.17 (4th)
 -  Per capita $79656,89 (4th)
GDP (nominal) 2011 estimate
 -  Total $574,714,695,328,9.17 (4th)
 -  Per capita $79656,89 (4th)
Gini? (2013) 48.6 
HDI (2013) 0.908 
Currency Reichsmark (VER)
Time zone/th> (Template:Country data UTC-1 / -2) (UTC+1)
Internet TLD .fet
List of country calling codes ++096

Fetharmia, formerly Die Österreicher Kolonie von Fetharmia, is a colony of Verbluffen that was acquired during the Operation Weißen Sommer, which was the conquering of the European continent.

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