The Fedeledlandese Calendar is a calendar, most closely resembled with the Persian calendar. The Fedeledlandese Calendar is the most widely used within the nation of Fedeledland. It is based upon the birth of Lorenzo de'Medici. The calendar starts in 0 L (1449 a.D), the year in which Lorenzo de' Medici was born. The current year is 561 a.L (2010 a.D).



The average year has 365 days of length, just like the Persian or Gregorian one. There is a leap year each four years, excepting in the seventh leap year, which is of five years. Both the Persian and the Fedeledlandese calendars have a great cycle of 2820 years in which 2137 years are normal years of 365 days and 683 years are leaps of 366 days, averaging a day-length of 365.24219852, over the 2820 years of the great grand cycle. This average is just 0.00000026 day shorter than the actual solar year of 365.24219878 days, making an accumulated error of just one day over 3.8 million years or approximately 0.022 of a second annually.


The Calendar has twelve months, six of 31 days, five of 30 days, and one which has 29 days. There also is a "leap day", which belongs to no month and occurs once every 4 or 5 years. 2010 is not a The months are:

1. Lorenzio (Lorenzio) - 31 days

2.Ordibeheft (Ordibeheft) - 31 days

3. Geminies (Gemini) - 31 days

4. Tir (Tir) - 31 days

5. Apollio (Apollo) - 31 days

6. Julio (Julius) - 31 days

7. Persa (Persian) - 30 days

8. Augusto (August) - 30 days

9. Sagitario (Sagittarius) - 30 days

10. Ottobre (October) - 30 days

11. Fedeledli (Fedeledi) - 30 days

12. Fiorentemese (Florentine Month) - 30 days

13. Dia Bisiesto (Leap Day) - 1 day (each 4 or 5 years)

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