The FTK-6 (Traditional Chinese: 反坦克導彈; pinyin: fǎn-tǎnkè dǎodàn) is a modern Jeunese anti-tank guided missile, capable of direct- or top-attack fire.

Background Edit

Design Edit

The FTK-6 is designed with the ability to be shoulder-fired as well as fired from tripods or from vehicle- and aircraft-mounted launchers. It incorporates several new anti-jamming techniques, using a small antennae to reduce 'frequency noise' and improved microelectromechanical inertial measurement instrument architecture.

The FTK-6 is designed to use a ballistic top-attack vector or powered direct attack, homing in on the targeted vehicle or fortification with semi-active millimetre-band radar. The FTK-6 incorporates the ability to 'fire and forget', burning a copy of the target data into the missile itself just before launch. The launch itself is soft, with the rocket motor turning on automatically approx. 1.67 seconds after the initial ejection. To steer, the FTK-6 uses small rocket motors (a total of four, placed between the four forward fins) on the exterior, rather than incorporate a system of thrust-vectoring.

The missile itself has a blunt, round nose, containing the warhead behind the radar seeker. It has eight fins; four forward and four rear. The four forward fins are larger and more sharply swept than the rear (which resemble flat-topped deltas), and set 13.3 cm fore of the end of the rear fins, whose bases are flush with the rear. The fins fold down into the missile whilst inside the launch tube, and extend through spring action and lock after launch.

The engine is a solid-state, two-stage rocket, and is engaged electronically after an automatic delay period, triggered by the termination of the physical link with the launcher via an pressurized-air firing mechanism.

Specifications Edit

  • Length: 1745 mm (missile); 1820 mm (launch tube)
  • Diameter: 142 mm
    • Wingspan: 365 mm
  • Weight: 35.5 kg (total); 10 kg (warhead)
  • Max. range: 5.8 km
  • Min. range: 100 m
  • Powerplant: Two-stage solid rocket
  • Speed: 400 m/s
    • Flight time to max. range: 15 sec
  • Sights:
    • IR
    • Day/night
  • Seekers:
  • Warhead