European ContinentEdit

Welcome to the European Continent, which is a region of the Nation States World Regions. All nations are welcome to join this region where one can wallow in role playing and/or discussions.

As a member of the NSWR, this region is compatible with the Middle East, American Continent, Asian Continent and African Continent, encouraging possible interregional happenings in a real life setting, a novelty in NationStates.

Current European Continent MapEdit


  1. Russian Empire
  2. Catholic Europe
  3. Yshurak
  4. German Empire
  5. Quaon
  6. Swiss Nag Ehgoeg
  7. The Amish Children
  8. Hispania
  9. Draxis
  10. Kasnyian Empire
  11. Menhad
  12. Kiensland
  13. Esternarx
  14. Sicily, Sardinia, and Africa
  15. Murmanskaya
  16. Mircania
    1. Theurusia Enclave not regionally recongized
  17. Pascoag
  18. The Holy Roman Empire
    1. Austria-Württemberg
    2. Hungary
    3. Marslava and Bessarabia
  19. Cerdone Socialist Republic
  20. Vespery
  21. Porcu
  22. Belgium
  23. The Polish Federation
  24. Baltic Germans
  25. The Rafzakael Syndicat
  26. Anthrax
  27. French Murmansk
    1. It's sovereignty is not universally recognized
  28. Helmetia
  29. Dutch Provinces
  30. Telosan III
  31. Aliestor
  32. Quirintana
  33. Engelsland
  34. Compound 101
  35. Mallumo
  36. Cyverse
  37. Riocht Eire

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