Estadio Fidel Castro is a football stadium in Castrograd, Sorthern Northland. It is located on Castro Way, near the Castro Museam. [1]


The stadium was built around the time of World Cup 37. It was originally intended for use as local team, Catrograd FC's home ground.The stadium though first came to widespread national and international attention just before the start of World Cup 38 qualifying, when it was announced that due to flooding in Beningrad, the stadium would be hosting Sorthern Northland national football team's home games. [2] The ground was greatly loved by the fans with the stadiums unique arch being highly praised. [3] The stadium was originally built with a capacity of 45,000 but after the FASN announced they would again be using it for internationals prior to World Cup 39 that was double to 90,000.



The stadium is built in a bowel design with all four stands connecting in the corners. Like the James Connolly Stadium, the two stands running down the side of the pitch have terraces for standing whilst the two end stands are all seater stands. The four stands are named after their geographical relation to the stadium, ie the northernmost stand is called The North Stand and so on. The stadium also has the largest statue of Fidel Castro in Sorthern Northland outside the front of it's main stand, the East Stand.

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