Flag of Empire of Cameroon

Flag of Empire of Cameroon

Empire of Cameroon is an Immortality Nanotechnology-enhanced human colony for mid-21st century Canadians who settled in Eriador region in the Third Age of Middle-earth with cloned dinosaurs if they survive environmental hazards and ordeals as their default mode of transportation


Eriador where Arnor was once part of the combined Kingdoms of Gondor and Arnor until the arrival of mid-21st Century Canadians settled in Eriador in TA 1 which the new calendar established as Imperial Calender Reckoning 1

Politics and GovernmentEdit

The Government of Cameroon is a Imperial Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy


The Imperial Cameroonian Armed Forces were the mix of War of 1812 British Regular Army with Medieval-style Auxiliary Troops and American Civil War Union Navy armed with American Civil War and Sengoku Judai samurai weaponry trained by Foreign Veterans who have came to Empire of Cameroon consumed by wormholes that sucked few soldiers and ships like from "The Lost Regiment" but instead landed on Middle-earth.

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