A Political Organization within the Future-Tech Roleplaying Community, the Empire of Five States is a moderately powerful force within Nation States.

Member StatesEdit

The United States of American PlanetsEdit

Hailing from Universe 1, the USAP is the original home of The American Prviateer. Primarily the Civil and Diplomatic Branch of the Empire, the USAP is responsible for nominating Presidential Canidates from names sent forward from the various member states.

Their head of state is always the Head of State for the Empire.

The Council of XIIIEdit

Located entirely on the VRNet, the Council of XIII is a unique organization, in that no member has a physical form. Made up entirely of the dead VRNet users of the other four nations, known as Ghosts, the Council of XIII wields tremendous influence, and is led by the Twins Artemis and Apollo, the children of the Secretary of the Navy of The American Privateer, Fleet Admiral Jack Ray.

The American PrivateerEdit

The Military Powerhouse of the Empire, The American Privateer hails from Universe-1, where they where a Naval group granted a Letter of Marque from the President of the USAP. Following an experimental Drive Test, they where thrown into the War Torn Universe-21.

The Longinean OrderEdit

Made up of Warrior Knights, the Knights of Saint Longinus are the basis around which the Catholic Church in the Empire is based. Their Fierce Loyalty has made them vital allies to The American Privateer, a nation they view with great respect for the free gift of Technology that TAP handed to them upon their arrival in NS.

Niall NoiglachEdit

The Irish/Japanese Kingdom of the Empire, they are currently headed by Aidan O'Neill. Niall Noiglach is a failry open kingdom, though the Government has lead some crackdowns on certain items. They use Hit and Run tactics in space combat, and at times, are willing to defy the president of the Empire if it suits their needs.

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