The Emperor of Livenda is the head of state in Livenda, and before 1945 the emperor had full power of the nation.

Before 1945Edit

Before the democratic reform of 510, the position was inherited from father to son. The Emperor had full power of the government and had the right to do more or less everything he wanted.

Name Coronation Death Queen
Shannen Dynasty
Shannen I 1401 1425 Sandra Desanan
Shannen II 1425 1435 Lisanda
Shannen III 1435 1453 Lesina
Shannen IV 1453 1462 Asrana
Shannen V 1462 1479 Sedena
Shannen VI 1479 1495  ?
Shannen VII 1495 1498  ?
Shannen VIII 1498 1517  ?
Shannen IX 1517 1520 none
Saren I 1520 1535 Leanya
Shannen X 1535 1569 Masena
Shannen XI 1569 1582  ?
Shannen XII 1582 1599  ?
Shannen XIII 1599 1615 Shanara
Shannen XIV 1615 1625 Lisana
Avagon Dynasty
Marcus I 1630 1653 Serina
Marcus II 1653 1679 Sara
Marcus III 1679 1697 Larina
Marcus IV 1697 1711 None
Livenda Dynasty
Aczel I 1722 1763 Azra
Aczel II 1763 1785 ?
Aczel III 1785 1815 ?
Aczel IV 1815 1836 None
Zander I 1836 1847 ?
Zander II 1847 1869 ?
Aczel V 1869 1893 Azalea
Zander III 1893 1924 Rana
Aczel VI 1924 1945 Lima
The Democratical Reform

After 1945Edit

After the Democratic Reform of 1945, the Emperor was deleted from the first scheduals of the new government system, tobe replaced by the President. But after the Great Vote of 1946, the Democratic comitee followed the oponion and replaced the title President with Emperor (off Democratically Elected Emperor).

The Emperor of Livenda is elected on five years för the first term, after that the emperor is elected on terms of seven years. The Parliament has the power to force the emperor to abdicate if the High Courts approve.

Grand EmperorEdit

The title "Grand Emperor" was included in the constitutional amandments of 1970. The difference between a regular Emperor and a Grand Emperor is that the Grand Emperor has duties of handling the nobilty. During the 1970s a decline in nobles had been noticed. Most of the noble families where dying out, and no new could be knighted as the Emperor no longer hold the right of knighting. This right could not be given to the emperor because of the constitution, so the Title Grande Emperor was established. A grand emperor is chosen by the HighCounsil, and must have been reelected for a second term.

Name Took office Left office Party
Sinder I Linkins 7 February 1946 29 January 1952 Democratic Party
Asan Laren 7 February 1952 30 January 1975 Democratic Party
Reling Mis 7 February 1975 29 January 1981 Imperial Party
Marcus V Vallani 6 February 1981 29 January 1987 Imperial Party
Resin Laren 6 February 1987 29 January 1993 Democratic Party
Marcus VI Erend 6 February 1993 29 January 1999 Imperial Party
Sinder II Johnson 5 February 1999 21 January 2003(Murdered) Imperial Party
Aczel VII Livenda 29 February 2003 Present Imperial Party
Flag of Livenda Major Topics in the Empire of Livenda
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