Divionslavia is a small, devout nation located on the northern hemisphere at the western semi-region of europenia. divionslavia is considered the most rapidly improving nation in the zexylian region. the region recognize divionslavia as one of the founding fathers of the region. the people of divionslavia practice islamic teachings.the divionslavian's mostly came from other countries.

World Census description Edit

The Republic of Divionslavia is a very large, economically powerful nation, remarkable for its burgeoning cat population. Its compassionate, cynical population of 140 million are ruled by a mostly-benevolent dictator, who grants the populace the freedom to live their own lives but watches carefully for anyone to slip up.

The government -- a sprawling, bureaucracy-choked, corrupt morass -- concentrates mainly on Education, although Commerce and Social Welfare are on the agenda. The average income tax rate is 28%. A healthy private sector is led by the Tourism industry, followed by Automobile Manufacturing and Gambling.

'The Anti-Government Hour' is a popular programme on many of Divionslavia's radio stations, public loudspeakers constantly tell citizens they are "happy people", more and more students are taking up a career in medicine, and schools have extensive counseling programs for troubled students. Crime is relatively low, thanks to a well-funded police force and progressive social policies in education and welfare. Divionslavia's national animal is the cat, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests, and its currency is the Divid.

Divionslavia is ranked 6th in the region and 19,408th in the world for Most Godforsaken.

leader Edit

 the people of divionslavia  is led by a former bruneian minister, Hamzah Hazman Hamzan bin Kamis. Hamzah was a patriotic bruneian who have no intentions at all to become a leader of nation. Hamzah was supported by the president of eskhairal and under that motivation he(hamzah) led a revolution in a inhospitable place. 

Economy Edit

the economy of Divionslavia mostly relies on

  1. 50% on Oil and Gas
  2. 10% on rubber
  3. 10% on copper
  4. 20% on nickel
  5. 10% on uranium

Divionslavia always trade uranium with tehranium but in secrecy and they have a close bond until hamzah can persuade the chairman to stop their nuclear program for now. oil and gas are mostly trade to khazneh and mazania.

Its GDP is 3rd highest in the region, 38,000 and 18,008 per capita

its GNP is 4th highest in the region, 45,289 and 28,991 per capita


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