The Holy Empire of Delglania


Imperial Seal


National Flag

Motto: "Long live the Great and Honorable Holy Emperor Daleko!"

Anthem: The Great Delglanian Imperial Anthem

Capital City: Zalion


Semi - Absolute Monarchy

Head of State: Holy Emperor Daleko

Head of Government: Grand Councilman Ilato

Population: Edit

2011 - 250,000,000


Currency - Delglanian Coin

GDP Per Capita - $9,529.79

GDP - $2,630,223,053,023.50


As a Kingdom - April 26th, 1649

As a Holy Empire - June 17th, 2011

Delglania, officially called, the Holy Empire of Delglania, is a nation in the United Kingdoms of the World. The current Head of State is the Holy Emperor Daleko. The current Head of Government is the Grand Councilman Ilato. Delglania has undergone three wars. The first war was the Delglanian Civil War, this war had the most casualties of the two. The second war was the Delglanian - North Delglanian war. The third war was the Delglanian - Danathian War, which had no causulties or any military action.

Delglanian Civil WarEdit

After the death of the great King Darias, his son King Durtus took power. The Delglanian people were a bit shaken by the death of there beloved king and did not have a lot of faith in King Durtus. The Kingdom soon began to collapse, ten of the twelve provinces rebelled against the King and proclaimed themselve independent kingdoms. The war came to an end at the battle of Zalion where the King's army defeated the rebels. The king and his son both died during the battle. The Viceroy Victor (Head of Government), took power even though Queen Victoria (the King's wife) was the rightful heir to the throne. The royal family fled to North Delglania with about 1,900 royal guards who were still loyal to the queen.

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