The Death of President Tom Abbot occured on January 21st 1991 on the Pan-Kanversic Highway at approximately 7.54pm KMT. It resulted in a massive shake-up of Kanversic traffic laws and marked the first time an active President had died whilst serving in office since 1934.

Background Edit

Tom Smith, as the former Vice President of the Great Democracy of Kanvers, had taken over the Presidency less than six months prior to the accident following the resignation of President Hanson. The next Presidential Election had been scheduled for May 1991.

Abbot had been attending a state dinner with numerous ambassadors in Pearlgrove City, before leaving in the state Jaguar XJ via the Pan-Kanversic Highway.

Accident Edit

At around 7.45, the Presidential motorcade became seperate in congestion. Abbot's vehicle and two police outriders were separated from the rest of the motorcade, and Presidential driver Ryan Smith decided to attempt to catch up at the entrance to the Majesty Tunnel.

Travelling at speeds of well over 100 mph, one of the police outriders lost control and slid into Abbot's XJ, in turn causing the Presidential far to lose control and smash into the concrete wall, flipping over twice and coming to rest in the middle of the road.

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