The Daimler Class of Patrol Ships are a class of patrol vessels originating from the Empire of Bayr.  The class serves as the backbone of the Imperial Navy's patrol fleet, and is one of two classes of ships designated as 'patrol', the other being the Utiel Class of Minewseepers.  There are currently 20 Daimlers in service, and an additional five are in reserve duties.  The class replaced the forty year old Danube Class.
Daimler Class Patrol Ship

General Information Edit

Designed by Freitag Heavy Engineering between 1989 and 1994, the Daimler Class serves as the most numerous class of vessels in the Bayr Imperial Navy.  The ship's primary weapons are its 25mm autocannon and its pair of 40mm grenade launchers.  Four IHMG-50 Heavy Machine Guns serve as secondary armaments.  The Daimler Class is designed to be fast and maneuverable, while still packing a punch. 

Since its introduction in 1999, the Daimler class has replaced all Danubes in the Imperial Navy in both active and reserve roles.  The Daimler Class is designed to be the last line of seaborne defense for the navy, although it has rarely seen combat due to the small number of conflicts taking place in Bayr since its introduction.

Specifications Edit

Type: Coastal Patrol Ship

Country of Origin: Bayr

In Service: 1999

Users: Imperial Navy of the Empire of Bayr

Designer: Freitag Heavy Engineering

Designed: 1989-1994

Producer: Freitag Heavy Engineering

Produced: 1999-present

Crew: 20 Crewmen, 3 Officers.

Displacement: 330 Tonnes (Full Load)

Length: 50 m

Beam: 7.2 m

Speed: 67 Km/h

Powerplant: 4 quad shaft diesels, 3,350 hp

Armament: 1 20mm Autocannon, 2 40 mm grenade launchers, 4 IHMG-50 Heavy Machine Guns

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