Dacara Lives Forever is the Official National Anthem of the Federated Republic of Dacara. It was adopted as the Official Anthem in 1885 when the newly formed Fascist government was installed. After the fall of fascism in Dacara that anthem was not changed as it still bought moral and hope of all Dacaran citizens.

Anthem Lyrics Edit

We are the light, that shines in everyone.
The truth, that’s there for all to see.
We are the voice, that speaks to everyone.
We are the heroes, we all love to be.
We live the dreams, that lie within us all.
With a passion, that cannot be denied.
We bring the whole world, together as one.
And we will always be by your side.
And the whole country joins in celebration.
And the whole world sees the joy we bring.
With all the power the hope and inspiration.
In all our glory, the nation all will sing.
Dacara, lives forever.
Dacara, lives forever.
Always, we remember.
Dacara, lives forever

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