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Cuborg's dictator is an unknown individual, known only as 'Cuborg'. It's military often uses second-hand equipment to save funds for the citizens of Cuborg. Cuborg includes a chain of islands taken from Conservative Morality, during a massive and brutal conflict.

Civilian LifeEdit


The upper parts of the country have either no winter, or moderate seasonal winters. Cuborg (especially the South) has areas of perpetual winter, and these winters are harsh and deadly. Snow often becomes deadly shrapnel, cutting and sometimes killing those not wearing protective clothing. Although not particularly cold (winter coats are often unnecessary), protective headgear (mostly keffiyeh and goggles) are frequently required to go outside. Several regions to the north have more forgiving winters, and warmer temperatures.


In the South, a commonly-worn clothing piece is a headdress similar to a turban or scarf, but covering the entire face, excluding the eyes, to protect its citizens from harsh winters and blinding ice shrapnel. Snowboarder goggles are often wore with this to prevent blindness.


The Cuborg Military uses cheap, but reliable weapons (such as the AK-47) and vehicles, to stretch funding.

Cuborg LoyalistsEdit

Led by General Hussien Momar Al-Asad, the Loyalists are the division of the Cuborg ground forces that took a heavy influance from Middle Eastern militaries and groups. The Loyalists copy the style of desert warriors, which ironically work quite well in Southern Cuborg, unofficial Loyalists 'turf'. Loyalists often refuse to wear the Cuborg uniform, and often wear surplus combat fatigues (as the life expectancy of the soldiers is low), or civilian clothes. The keffiyeh (used often with goggles) is used to protect the soldier's faces from burns and the extreme cold of the South.

Cuborg Air ForceEdit

Cuborg has a small air force, but invests large amounts of money into anti-aircraft weaponry to counter this. Airplanes are used, rarely, to transport equipment across the country, paratroop deployment, or bombing runs. Helicopters are occasionally used to provide support to ground forces.

Cuborg Royal NavyEdit

The Cuborg Royal Navy has several ships, including the missile-launching HMS Devonshear, and the stealth ship The Enterprise.

Noticeable Military FiguresEdit

General Hussein Momar Al-AsadEdit

Foreign RelationsEdit

Cuborg is seen as a malevolent, brutal dictatorship. Cuborg does however, have an embassy in Macgruber.

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