The United States of Salicada

"Always look at the bright side to things."


"Oh salicada, we stand freely and brave."

Capital Salicada City
Official languages English, Spanish, Dutch
Ethnic groups

42.4% White

40.6% Black

15.5% Native Salicadan

1.5% Other

Government Inoffencive Centrist Democracy
- Governor Peter Kim
- Prime Minister Joel Stanbod
- Island Discovered by thy English people April 2nd, 1797
- United Kingdom declaires Salicada UK State. May 17th, 1806
- Salicada declaired nation. November 30th, 1971
- Salicada a United Nation country. March 9th, 2002
- 2010 estimate 64,000
- 2010 census 67,382
- Per capita $94,288
Currency American Dollar and Salicadan Coin
Time zone GMT -10
Internet TLD .sal or .sc
Country Calling Codes 933, 1-374, 1-375

Salicada (officially The United States of the Salicadan People)

Salicada is a small island that gained independance in 1971, having a small population of 64,000 people. Salicadan peoples are known to be violent but recent country laws from current prime minister Joel Stanbod have decreased crime 67%. Political and Civil rights have became very high in recent years do to the fact that the country recently has became a country under the united nations and the world assembly. The climate of Salicada is usually around 27C - 31C during the spring/summer months and 9C - 20C during the fall and winter months.


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Government and PoliticsEdit


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Foreign RelationsEdit

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Tourism and CultureEdit

Traditions of SalicadaEdit

The native Salicadan people traditionally were farmers from the 1600-1700s. When england though discovered Salicada, war broke out between the peoples, in the end the english won. Salicada Day is held every year at 7:43 PM on July the 6th, in the old days all traffic on roads were suppose to halt at the time, and for one minute people were to stand still and prey to the salicadan god of death and evil spirits. In recent years the tradition has changed to fireworks at the parliment at the time being and a day off work.

Tourism to SalicadaEdit

In the recent past ten years, salicadan tourist companys have skyrocketed in money making. Salicadas newest money maker, resorts have recently since 2003 been popping up around the town of Claire and to the west of Salicada. In Salicada tourists usually are recommended only to stay at there resorts as off the resort may not be safe, depending on where you are.


The education system in Salicada is rather normal. Starting in Grade 1 its free, kindergarden does cost money though. Most Salicadan children attend High School starting in Grade 7 and ending in Grade 10. Then Univercity is offered after for as low as 10,000$ a year.


Northern SalicadaEdit

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Western SalicadaEdit

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Eastern SalicadaEdit

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Southern SalicadaEdit

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[edit] Future of the IslandEdit

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