The Federal City of Coricas
Cksl capitol
Nation Cookesland
Founded January 1, 1800
Function Capital
City Population 220 million
Metropolitan Population 250 million
Leader Mayor Girard L. Sunn (P)
Timezone UTC -6

Coricas F.C.D. is the capital, second largest city and core city of Cookesland, it has a population of 220 million (250 million when the metropolitan area is counted). It is an important economic, cultural and political center in the country and in the world, and is the home of the United States of Cookesland's government. It is located in the Federal Capital District of Cookesland, with which it is now coterminous, and now it's metropolitan area extends into the surrounding four states.


When the United States of Cookesland was first founded the issue of a city to serve as capital arose. Port Imbris was seen as too north a city while Ariana and Delray Beach were too far south and east respectively. The capital was chosento be in a neutral spot in the exact center of the country, and so the Federal Capital District was laid out as a federal district on January 1, 1800.

The District was made in a diamond shape spreading out over where the original four states touched. Already within the new district were the towns of St. Maria, Windonesia and Libernall, Pauanui which remained as separate municipalities until they were annexed by Coricas in 1863. The Federal Capital District was to contain a planned city at its very center, and was officially named Corias in September 19, 1801. It's name is derived from Cor the Latin word for "heart" and Ricas meaning "city" in Scinda.






Public TransportationEdit




Sister CitiesEdit

Coricas currently has serveral sister cities:

  • Kensington, British Londinium
  • Rêvane, Ariddia
  • Saint Maria, St Samuel
  • Vanier, Sendersdale
  • Vilvek, Swilatia

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