Name of the Region

1. The region is called The Union of States.


1. The name of the legislature is the Regional Assembly.

2. There are 100 members of the Legislature

3. Seats are to be allocated proportionally to the 6-figure vote numbers.

4.a. Elections are to be held to the assembley every 5 days in the case of a majority government, or every 2 days in the case of a minority government.

b. Early elections may be requested with the support of a majority of region members.

Formation of a government

1. A government may be formed by one of three ways;

1. a. One nation holding more than 50% of the Legislature may form a majority government.

1. b. Nations may form coalitions to give over 50% of the Legislature and form a majority government.

1. c. The largest nation in the legislature may form a minority government with or without support from other nations.

Amending the constitution

1. An amendment requires 66% of the Assembly to vote yes to the proposed Amendment.

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